Sugar Daddy Government

Women have come a long way in this country. Gone are the bad old days of when a woman’s place was solely in the home. Violence against women is rightfully condemned. Women participate in all aspects of American life from the workplace to the political arena. While we should remain vigilant to ensure we don’t take any steps back in protecting equal opportunity to women, you would think the feminist movement would declare victory. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

I love women. I was raised by a single mother. I love strong, independent women; the type of woman you would think the feminist movement would embrace. However, the modern feminist movement; with few exceptions, are not about celebrating and promoting strong, independent women. The feminist movement has instead morphed into the womyn’s liberation left which has decided to destroy the sexist patriarchy and replace it with Sugar Daddy Government that will provide women with everything from free birth control, to subsidized child care, to student and small business loans, and taxpayer subsidized abortions.

The activists of the womyn’s liberation left of course are not entirely to blame. They have many willing accomplices in our political class like Barack Obama who even drew a little cartoon to pander to them. Like other groups who derive a part of their living from the plunder of taxpayers, the womyn’s liberation left and their fellow travelers are more passionate than most voters about keeping the benefits they have and, if possible, expanding their benefits than the average American who is just trying to make a living for their family. Instead of the males in the family providing for women or women providing for themselves, the womyn’s lib left now want women to rely on a sugar daddy, Big Government.

The problem is, those of us who oppose the plunder by the womyn’s lib left really do come off as sexists. The best case in point was Rush Limbaugh’s comments toward Sandra Fluke. We need to make the case based on individual rights and the simple fact that stealing property from one person to give it to another is morally wrong, period. We need to encourage other strong, independent women to speak up against the womyn’s lib left and tell the country that they do not speak for them. We should celebrate women who provide for themselves. If a woman wants to stay home and take care of her family, we should celebrate it and make it easier to make that choice by enacting real tax reform to lower rates. If a woman wants to be career-minded, we should celebrate that too. Finally, if a woman wants to try and balance both, that’s also a great choice. We should, as a society, encourage women to choose for themselves their own destiny and celebrate it.

Finally, we as men need to step up and be better men as well. We need to be better husbands and better fathers. We need to treat our women with respect and if we make a baby, we damn sure need to take care of it. By not doing our jobs as men, we’re forcing women into the cycle of dependency that Sugar Daddy Government wants.

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