Vote Your Conscience

On Twitter, many conservatives and Republicans have been badgering people who are threatening to not vote for Mitt Romney. They have been saying that if you don’t vote for Mitt Romney, you’re voting for Barack Obama. This is silly reasoning at its best. The only way you vote for Barack Obama is by actually voting for Barack Obama. Libertarians and others who love liberty should vote their conscience in November and vote for the candidate who best represents their views.

The Republican Party has not offered very much for libertarians to vote for. The GOP controlled House has failed to lead on reducing the size and scope of government. Mitt Romney has not offered up any serious or substantial cuts. Plus, Mitt Romney supports anti-liberty legislation such as the Federal Marriage Amendment and the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA. Plus, Romney during the primaries supported a hard-line on immigration reform and on foreign policy, generally offers more of the same as Barack Obama. Finally, there is the simple fact that all throughout Mitt Romney’s political career; he has been on just about every side of every issue possible, sometimes simultaneously. Romney, politically, is not a man to be trusted even in a millennium of Sundays.

On the other hand, I don’t need to tell anybody who reads this site how horrendous of a president Barack Obama is. He has been an absolute failure from a libertarian perspective, so I can understand the inclination to replace him, even with someone like Mitt Romney. However consider this, what kind of message would it send to the Republican Party to nominate someone like Romney and have him win?

A presidential election is not really a national election; it is a series of 50 state elections to win electoral votes. Of those states, only about 10 or so are actually in play. In solid red or blue states, you shouldn’t feel guilty about voting for Gary Johnson, if you’re thinking about voting for him. In a swing state, it’s a little bit more difficult. There’s the urge to tactical vote, which would be a vote for Mitt Romney just to get rid of Barack Obama. Libertarians should respect fellow libertarians those that choose to do that. However, it may send a stronger message to the Republican Party to cost Romney the election by giving votes to Gary Johnson and force the GOP into a more libertarian direction to win back those lost votes.

Either way, think before you vote and vote your conscience.

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