10 Things We Get For Our Tax Dollars - Cynical Version

In my political science class we were discussing the issue of taxation. In order to better understand the issue and to balance out a lot of the negativity we inherently have towards taxation (which isn’t a bad thing) we discussed what we (personally and as a society) actually get in return for our taxes.

I decided to make a “cynical” version of the list we thought up in class. So here are ten things we get from taxes:

1 ) Drug Prohibition - Billions spent each year on making sure no one uses drugs that are “too dangerous” for us. Thank you nanny state! Except for the fatal flaw in this argument: marijuana is illegal yet more harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco are legal. Not to mention the war on drugs is a complete and utter failure.

2 ) Overpaid Government Officials - It’s a well-known fact that city planners, parks and recreation directors, and many others in government are paid “comfortable” salaries sometimes even more than $100,000. Not only that, but many government officials have guaranteed pensions backed by the state. While people work long hours in the private (productive) sector who have to deal with 401K’s and actually saving and investing for retirement, these government officials have it made!

3 ) The Federal Reserve - Ah yes, the Federal Reserve who claims their existence is necessary to “maintain a strong currency,” have been doing just the opposite. As the dollar loses its value slowly but surely and bubbles have rocked our economy into deep recessions many times since its inception, it’s unfortunate this entity receives tax dollars from the private sector.

4 ) Foreign Aid - None of that money goes to waste, right? It all goes directly to the needy in the most efficient manner, no corruption involved! Right…

5 ) High Gas Prices - Our elected officials, who we pay with our hard-earned money, are directly responsible for high gas prices. They have failed to lift the ban on offshore drilling, which would allow the oil supply to drastically increase in the near future (especially with the technology we have today). Not to mention those “gas taxes.”

6 ) ACORN - Need I say more?

7 ) Vacations For Elected Officials - See my post about this. Apparently our representatives need to take lavish trips across the globe to enhance their understanding of “climate change.” I think most Americans who read their itinerary would agree that this is nothing more than a vacation with the taxpayers picking up the tab.

8 ) Bailing Out Failed Companies - Not only does this create a moral hazard, create unfair competition, and pick and choose winners and losers in the free market, it clearly is not the proper role of government and a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

9 ) Stadiums - Whether you agree with this or not, it’s hard to deny the fact that very rich businessmen who own sports franchises are making a killing through taxpayer subsidies.

10 ) Higher College Tuition - Don’t believe me? Listen to this short clip by Peter Schiff. It’s true - the high college tuition that buries students in debt for years to come is actually caused by the government.

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