Intra-Party rift on funding bill shows serious cracks in Democrat Party’s unified front

Obama and Pelosi

The mainstream media spends an inordinate amount of time reporting on the conservative/grassroots versus “Establishment” rift within the Party. Meanwhile, Democrats tend to lock arms and tackle policy initiatives in a unified manner — until now.

Congress avoided a government shutdown last night when they passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government open through the end of the year. For a moment, it looked like Massachusetts Senator and liberal darling Elizabeth Warren would be the face of the government shutdown.

First, let’s take a look at the notion of a government shutdown. When Senator Ted Cruz pushed a government shutdown last year, it was the end of the world for the media. In reality, not many Americans realized the government even shuttered its doors.

Kevin Glass at Townhall has a great piece about how the media covered the possible Warren-fueled shutdown versus the Cruz-fueled shutdown of October 2013. Glass writes:

During last year’s government shutdown when Republicans and Democrats couldn’t come to a compromise on spending provisions to continue to fund the government, the media portrayed it as Ted Cruz’s fault - Ted Cruz’s shutdown, because he wanted to defund Obamacare. This year, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to reject the bipartisan spending compromise to get rid of business-friendly deregulatory provisions.

Knock! Knock! Cops want to search your home for your lost, forgotten guns

Cops search homes for guns

Do you know where your guns are located? If not, don’t worry! The police have offered to search your home in order to help you find them.

Earlier this week, Wisconsin Public Radio published a story about a police initiative in Beloit, Wisconsin, to reduce gun violence. The police department has offered to search a resident’s home — for free — to see if their home contains any guns that they, the home owner, may not know about.

No, this story isn’t from April, and this is not a joke.

Beloit Police Chief Norm Jacobs actually thinks this is a good idea. His hope is that some residents will volunteer to have their homes searched and that guns related to crimes will be found. He also likened gun violence to Ebola.

From the story:

Police Chief Norm Jacobs said he doesn’t expect the phone to be ringing off the hook with requests for police to search their homes. He nevertheless hopes the program will encourage people to think about gun violence as an infectious disease like Ebola, and a home inspection like a vaccine to help build up the city’s immune system.

“Gun violence is as serious as the Ebola virus is being represented in the media, and we should fight it using the tools that we’ve learned from our health providers,”

Yes, you read that correctly. He compared “gun violence” to Ebola.

The Republican Plan to Cripple the IRS

Internal Revenue Service

Imagine a world where there were not enough IRS agents to threaten your livelihood by pouring over years of receipts and tax filings. With the Republican takeover of the Senate, the Republican-controlled Congress is looking to severely de-fund the IRS in the wake of the ongoing scandal that revealed the organization targeted conservative organizations and held up nonprofit status approval.

POLITICO would have you believe that’s a bad thing:

Confused taxpayers, jammed help lines and tax cheaters running rampant — the IRS for months has warned that drastic budget cuts will disable an already troubled agency.

Republicans aren’t buying it.

Instead, they’re biding their time until they seize control of both chambers next year, giving them majorities to financially gut the most hated government agencies and new leverage to get agencies to do what they want.

A top priority? Crippling IRS regulatory actions, from Obamacare’s individual mandate to the looming draft rule that will limit political activities of groups like Crossroads GPS. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services are among the others in the cross hairs.

Republicans are already chipping away at the agency’s budget. Tucked into something called a “cromnibus” (a terrible word only politics-obsessed D.C. folks could devise) is a $350 million budget cut to the IRS, and Democrats aren’t really doing anything to push back.

The POLITICO account continues:

Senate Torture Report Gives Ammunition to Enemies

Senator Dianne Feinstein

In a fascinating op-ed in USA Today, Senator Bob Kerrey took the recent Senate Torture Report to task, citing problems with partisanship and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s decision to interview no one in compiling its damning report. The following paragraph is particularly concise:

I do not need to read the report to know that the Democratic staff alone wrote it. The Republicans checked out early when they determined that their counterparts started out with the premise that the CIA was guilty and then worked to prove it.

While Kerrey largely concerns himself with the breakdown of how our committees are supposed to work and the political machinations that prevent them functioning in a healthy manner, the release of the report may actually have an even darker consequence should enemies of our state decide they want to use its contents as propaganda in today’s social media environment of “it appeared online, so it must be true”:

“The FBI, DHS, and [National Counterterrorism Center] assess the most likely impact of the report will be attempts by foreign terrorist organizations … and their online supporters to exploit the report’s findings by claiming they confirm the U.S. government’s perceived hypocrisy and oppression of Muslims,” the FBI and DHS said in a joint intelligence bulletin distributed within hours of the report’s release.

Thomas Massie and Trey Gowdy eviscerate Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy eviscerated Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber in yesterday’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing. Of course, the entire four-hour hearing is worth watching. But here are a few highlights.

Jonathan Gruber made a number of seriously offensive comments about the intelligence of the American public and the “tortured” way Obamacare had to be written to conceal the tax aspect. UL covered a bit of this story before Thanksgiving. Gruber’s comments are a manifestation of the Left’s belief about the general population — that they (we) are too stupid to know government programs are good for them (us) and that government planners must deceive us to our benefit.

Rep. Massie hit on two issues: the unethical nature of deceiving the American public and Gruber’s disgusting disregard for human life. Take a look:

The exchange about the unethical nature of the Obamacare deception went like this:

Could Elizabeth Warren’s populist, organized Left steal the nomination from Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton v. Elizabeth Warren

There have been rumblings for months that inevitable 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t the liberal champion Democrats need to defeat Republicans in the next election.

The New Republic, a liberal publication seemingly on the outs, published a lengthy piece in November 2013 about Elizabeth Warren — the populist liberal Senator from Massachusetts whose rising star in Washington hasn’t gone unnoticed by left-wing groups. TNR suggests the Democrat electorate will be comprised of two distinct factions:

When Liberty unites, Tyranny is defeated — An Exegesis of Hayek

F. A. Hayek

Problem: the state is unified by force, its opponents are not unified by anything

Frederick Hayek wrote a famous chapter in his classic libertarian book The Road to Serfdom. It is called “Why the Worst Get on Top.” The entire chapter (and book) is a fascinating read, but one passage in particular sticks:

“…it is probably true that, in general, the higher the education and intelligence of individuals become, the more their views and tastes are differentiated and the less likely they are to agree on a particular hierarchy of values. It is a corollary of this that if we wish to find a high degree of uniformity and similarity of outlook, we have to descend to the regions of lower moral and intellectual standards where the more primitive and “common” instincts and tastes prevail.

This does not mean that the majority of people have low moral standards; it merely means that the largest group of people whose values are very similar are the people with low standards. It is, as it were, the lowest common denominator which unites the largest number of people. If a numerous group is needed, strong enough to impose their views on the values of life on all the rest, it will never be those with highly differentiated and developed tastes-it will be those who form the “mass” in the derogatory sense of the term, the least original and independent, who will be able to put the weight of their numbers behind their particular ideals.”

Mary Landrieu’s defeat gives Republicans control from Carolinas to Texas

Mary Landrieu

“Democrats no longer hold a Senate seat, governor’s mansion or legislative chamber from the Carolinas to Texas,” writes Alex Rogers in Time in the wake of incumbent Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu’s thumping on Saturday to Republican challenger Bill Cassidy. 56 percent of voters lined up behind Cassidy, while just 44 percent supported Landrieu. But the magnitude of this thumping isn’t illustrated in the topline results from Saturday.

The number of qualified votes in Louisiana breaks down like this:

Registered Democrats: 1,375,027 (46.7%)
Registered Republicans:  816,594 (27.7%)
Registered Other: 754,110 (25.6%)

Cassidy garnered 712,330 votes, and Landrieu captured 561,099 votes. If most Republicans voted for Cassidy and most Democrats voted for Landrieu, then fewer than half of Democrats turned out on Saturday (about 40%), while roughly 87 percent of Republicans turned out for the runoff. This hypothesis doesn’t account for Independent voters, who likely broke for Cassidy.

At Time, Rogers continues:

Democrats are dead in the land of Dixie.

With the fall of three-term Sen. Mary Landrieu Saturday, Louisiana will not have a Democratic statewide elected official for the first time since 1876. And the Republican Party will control, as the Associated Press noted, every Senate seat, governor’s mansion and legislative chamber from the Carolinas to Texas.

This Advice Could Save Your Life and Preserve Your Liberty

Eric Garner

The fact that police can get away with killing an individual who presented no threat to anyone with the whole incident caught on camera is quite disturbing. A grand jury decided not to indict an NYPD officer who used a choke-hold banned by his own department which resulted in the death of Eric Garner. Unlike the incident in Ferguson, which contained conflicting testimony and forensics that support Darren Wilson’s version of the event, this event in New York was caught on video from at least two different camera angles (and is available on YouTube for the whole world to see).

This seems pretty cut-and-dry, at least for an indictment. So how is it that almost any accused individual brought before a grand jury is indicted unless the accused individual happens to wear a government issued costume? Are grand juries really that biased toward the police? After reading a few dozen comments on threads responding to the grand jury decision, I’m afraid the answer is yes (if you want to lose all hope for humanity, read the comment section to any article of consequence). I reach this conclusion because these are the sort of people who serve on juries and decide that it’s perfectly okay for the police to kill someone if the suspect had any criminal record of any kind, resisted in any way, or even “disrespected” the police on the scene.

Democrats: If It Wasn’t for Double Standards…

Double Standards

Several recent news stories brought to mind the old joke about liberal Democrats, that if it weren’t for double standards they would have no standards at all. Sometimes the hypocrisy is enough to stupefy any reasonable person. For your reading pleasure, I offer the following examples…

In his November 20 speech to the nation regarding his “executive amnesty” actions, Obama said, “Even as we are a nation of immigrants, we’re also a nation of laws. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable  – especially those who may be dangerous.” The hypocrisy of this statement coming from that man is glaring. Obama declares we are a nation of laws as a precursor to explaining how he is about to continue the violations of his oath of office by expanding the scope of his non-enforcement criteria, and beyond that, actually rewarding the lawbreakers.

America is indeed a nation of immigrants, yet Obama is not declaring amnesty for immigrants, he is declaring amnesty for millions of illegal aliens whose first actions in relation to America were violations of our immigration laws. He has for more than half a decade failed to faithfully enforce those laws, declaring entire categories of illegals exempt from prosecution and deportation under the law. He now seeks to reward them with legalization and work permits.


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