Marco Rubio’s Claim About Dodd-Frank at the GOP Debate Is Now A Thing

iStock 000016651896Small 2 300x199 What to Do When Your Bank Branch Closes There were 4 things I, personally, took away from the GOP debates yesterday.

1. Carly Fiorina may end up with a fairly responsible position should a Republican take office in 2016.

2. The whittling down process is going to be fun to watch, but only slightly less fun than listening to liberals and Democrats whine about these debates and how painful/annoying/useless/ugly/stupid/hateful/horrible and blah blah blah they are and how they yet somehow, still, can’t look away. All the feels for you. Really.

3. No one really cares about Trump and Trump really cares about no one.

4. The policy discussions will slowly emerge and the first one out of the gate (for me anyway) is Dodd-Frank, thanks to Marco Rubio.

Rather hilariously, Blake Hounshell of Politico wondered this aloud just after Rubio called for the repeal and replace of Dodd-Frank:

Well, I don’t know about Hounshell, but I had certainly heard it before. Here’s a bit from a US News & World Report piece back in January 2013:

Governors’ Greed — States Attempt to Recoup Costs for Failed Healthcare Exchanges

lawsuit oracle

Has Obama’s White House decided there is such a thing as “Free Lunch” or simply a return to the royal tradition of a monarch’s largesse?

What Elementary Bit of Wisdom Is Shared by Donald Trump and Bono?

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published at International Liberty.

If I asked you what Donald Trump and Bono have in common, the easy and accurate answer is that they both have lots of money.

But if I asked you to identify a shared perspective by the two men, at first glance that would seem to be a much harder question.

After all, it seems like a rock star and a real-estate tycoon are about as different as two people could possibly be.

Yet the answer should be obvious.

I’ll give you a big hint. You probably have the same perspective as well.

At least if you answer “no” to the first question and “yes” to the second question.

  1. Do you ever voluntarily pay extra tax?
  2. Or do you, like John Kerry or Bill and Hillary Clinton, take prudent steps to minimize the amount of your income confiscated by government?

In other words, the perspective shared by Donald Trump and Bono is one that is widely held by every sensible person. Simply stated, your income belongs in your pocket, not in the grasping hands of politicians.

Climate Change Guilt Distraction

“There is such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change.” — Obama

And so, because we may be too late to save the Earth or humanity (let that sink in for a minute), President Obama has unleashed what the New York Times has called “the strongest action ever taken in the United States to combat climate change.”

Well thank God we have a plan. Because time is running short and we all may be dead soon. Right? Yeah, right. From NRO:

The president will instruct U.S. power plants to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by just under one-third (32 percent). How that is to be achieved and at what cost is … not Barack Obama’s problem. States will have until 2018 — comfortably remote from any presidential election — to submit their plans, and until 2030 to implement them.

The thing that frustrates so completely about the climate change debate is that, like so many of the high and mighty pronouncements from the left side of the political divide, if you point out that the science is almost always contentious and subject to shift radically from year to year, and even from scientist to scientist, those who have eaten the holy wafer of the body and blood of The Sacred Cult of Enviromentalism will declare you a DENIER (read: hater of the Earth and all good things) and VERY, VERY STUPID.

50 shades of greed: Sierra Club and Non-profit Cronyism

sierra club

I often find myself an anachronism within the Beltway - a modern day libertarian/conservative who cares for the environment. However, I have always wondered why there is an absence of balanced approach by environmental groups. While advocating for their goals, there never seems to be a comprehensive push for true clean energy by these activists.

But then recently I came across E&E Legal’s report , which tells the tale of the unfettered bias and influence hedge fund managers have with respect to Sierra Club’s Board, the direction of its Policy Programs, and its research and outright manipulation of grassroots membership. It is appalling and worthy of an investigation by the IRS, the SEC and any other Federal agency with legal oversight.

For example, E&E was able to uncover that nearly half of Sierra Clubs’ 18 Board Members were or still are in a position to financially profit from the single largest policy effort undertaken by the Club. Board members regularly received private notice of Sierra Club actions before the public. Companies owned, founded or operated by Board Members held strategic market investments which directly benefitted from public announcements of Sierra Club reports, policy campaigns, and even testimony before local, state and federal governmental entities.

The staggering part is that there is no public admission of this inherent conflict of interest anywhere on the Sierra Club publications, or their Board’s public information. No where does Sierra Club disclose the direct and material benefit that Sierra Club’s Board Members gained for their positions of influence which the Board Membership granted them.

‘Puter on Planned Parenthood: A Study In Hubris (Theirs) And Schadenfreude (His)

Even Hillary Clinton, recipient of Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award for Excellence in Supporting Elimination of the Darker Races Through Progressive Eugenics, is unable to support Planned Parenthood’s commoditization of human life and inhuman methods. But Mrs. Clinton still supports abortion on demand!

Editor’s Note: This originally appeared at The Ancient & Noble Order of the Gormogons.


Our readers surely have seen or read about Planned Parenthood’s current troubles. Enterprising pro-life activists went undercover and taped Planned Parenthood executives and employees discussing fetal organ sales and the abortion process in callous, inhuman terms.*

Planned Parenthood is now fighting for its life, and rightly so. Planned Parenthood’s assembly line, dehumanizing abortion mill procedures cannot withstand scrutiny. So long as Planned Parenthood publicly said the right things (e.g., “abortion should be safe, legal and rare,” “women’s health,” etc.), America was content to ignore Planned Parenthood’s charnel house ethics. But these tapes destroy the veil of willful ignorance Planned Parenthood depends upon for its survival.

If you can watch these videos without viscerally loathing Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish leaders, you’re a far better person than I. If you can watch these videos and still unquestioningly support Planned Parenthood’s abortion operations, you’re morally damaged.

On Ted Cruz’s Problematic Plan for Retention Elections in the U.S. Supreme Court


Hotels Try to Rent Government Power To Stamp Out Online Competition

It is hard to argue with a straight face that consumers don’t benefit from competition.

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is running a campaign for president on income inequality. He said on CNBC “you don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country.” He is right, of course, to declare that kids should never go hungry. But it is wrong to argue that competition makes things worse.

Sanders has tapped into a legitimate concern that corporate interests have married government power in a way that stifles competition and stems upward mobility. This is one area where the socialist and the conservative agree – government captured by corporate interests is not good for the American people. Government has helped big corporations in exterminating competition in a way that preserves high profits for the established and well-connected corporation.

Real competition even for such a relatively minor product, like sneakers or deodorant, brings advances in technology, choices and market forces to bear — allowing people to pick the best product at the best price. Sanders is wrong to say that choices are bad because kids are starving, but he is right to be concerned about corporate elites using government to game the system.

Gov. Fallin Correct to Defy OK Supreme Court on Ten Commandments

Between the ignorance of the average American citizen regarding our nation’s rich religious history, and the open hostility by anti-religious Leftists across the country, it seems not a day passes anymore that doesn’t bring with it a story about religious freedoms of ordinary Americans being infringed by those determined to purge every last vestige of Christianity from American life.

A recent example of this came in the form of a ruling by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, which ruled that a Ten Commandments monument currently on the grounds of the state capitol violate the Article II, Section 5 of the state’s constitution, which prohibits the use of any government money or property to benefit religion.

After the ruling, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin declared the state’s high court got it wrong, and refused to remove the monument. State Rep. Mike Ritze, whose family paid for the monument in question, points out that the Court, in demanding the removal, ignored its own prior rulings upholding the right to have a 50-foot cross on the state fairgrounds, and many Native American paintings, monuments, and other pieces of art with religious meanings and tones on display at the Capitol and other state properties.


WaPo reporter Jenna Johnson wonders why Gov. Walker why he wants to deport the Flores family, and their best known member, Dora.

Editor’s Note: This was originally published at The Ancient & Noble Order of The Gormogons.


Republicans are evil people who want nothing more than to separate hard-working brown parents from their cute-as-a-button children, at least according to Washington Post “reporter” Jenna Johnson. Today’s WaPo whipping boy is Scott Walker, smeared with innuendo in Ms. Johnson’s Post Politics blog post.

Ms. Johnson shares with her readers Mr. Walker “tells undocumented worker [illegal immigrant – ‘Puter] that immigrants must follow the law.” Oh, the horror! The horror! A candidate for the highest executive office in the land thinks everyone should follow the law! Why, Mr. Walker’s practically a fascist! Ms. Johnson can almost see the torch-lit rallies and jackbooted brown shirts marching.


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