Palin May Lift More than McCain in November

Since the selection of Palin and the subsequent slashing of the enthusiasm void among Republicans, the dynamics for November are sure to change in more than just the Presidential election. With the entire political establishment in an uproar, the grassroots in a much improved state of glee, and liberals running scared because of her success, Sarah Palin is changing the entire state of the ‘system’ right before our eyes. This mix of enthusiasm and curiosity may wear off before November 4th, but as for now she is the hottest thing on the wish list for Republican Congressmen, especially those engaged in fierce struggles to maintain their incumbency. The, one of the more influential DC politico papers, is reporting on her demand - and how there is not enough Sarah to go around.

Congressional candidates from all regions are already requesting face-time with Palin, and national Republicans are trying to figure out how to approach the situation.

A spokeswoman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Rebecca Fisher, said the committee has received “significant requests from our Senate campaigns to appear with Palin in their state.”

One Republican source called it a “huge and immediate” response and attributed it to Palin’s role in helping close the enthusiasm gap between the GOP and Democrats.

“There’s a lot of requests being made,” the source said. “But there’s only 58 days until the election, and they’ll be heavily campaigning. The details will have to be worked out.

“We’re in the infancy of that stage right now.”

Congressional campaigns contacted by The Hill were nearly unanimous in saying they would love for Palin to visit their districts. Many had already requested her presence, and most of the rest said they would do so soon.

But they also recognized the reality of having more than 50 potentially competitive races and so little time, not to mention Palin’s primary concern — winning her own race. - The

While I will wholeheartedly admit this “Sarah Demand” is in no way indicative of a change in the temperament and stance of the Republican Party, it is refreshing in its own way to watch. Republicans have not been this excited about a national candidate since 1984 and it is showing. My hope is that the party leadership will put two-and-two together and recognize when they run “smaller government candidates” they receive more in the way of pleasure (i.e. votes & contributions) than they do when they sell out and support RINOs. The foremost objective of a political party - without any consistent exception - is to gain and hold onto power. If a party wants my support then they must run candidates that will hold to the values I support.

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