Hillary’s (Not-So) Hidden Agenda

Her speech is being hailed as brilliant, moving, and inspiring; but, the question is “Was it convincing?”

Hillary’s supporters are giving mixed reviews.  Some have made their intention of supporting Senator Obama clear, while others area adopting a “wait and see” approach, curious as to how Obama and Biden react to the tough questions facing them in the coming debates.

Unfortunately for Obama, the most vocal of Clinton’s supporters are the ones who have no intention of ever supporting the Democrat Party’s nominee, instead opting to vote for McCain or a third-party candidate.  So while it would appear that Hillary failed in her effort to deliver all of her 18 million voters to Obama, one has to wonder if that was truly her goal.

No one can deny that Senator Clinton has reached heights in the political annals of America that no woman has ever before obtained.  She’s never bothered to hide her ambition.  Political pundits were speculating while Bill was still President how long it would be before Hillary Rodham Clinton would embark on her own political career -  eschewing the coattails of her popular and influential husband, determined to make a mark on the political scene based on her own merits.

More likely than not, Hillary has not given up her hopes of becoming the first female American President, and while the speech she gave partially helped to unify the party behind Obama, it did far more to ensure her front-runner status in 2012 should Obama fail to obtain the White House in November.

No matter who takes the oath of office next January, one thing we can be sure of is that we have not witnessed the conclusion of Hillary’s political aspirations.

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