Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic Ticket Sales Approaching 10,000

The movement to achieve liberty in our lifetime is now reaching a critical stage, one that will act as a test for its future size and viability. While much attention is about to given to McCain and the RNC, immediately following Obama and his “trust us this time” movement, we need not waver, but rather step up our efforts to spread the idea of freedom to as many individuals as possible.

Our friends over at Campaign for Liberty have achieved something worth noting - over 9,000 ticket sales - a feat that is impressive, considering McCain allegedly struggled for months to achieve 5,000 attendees at a single event. While the sale of 9,300 tickets is a great accomplishment, we can do better.  With liberty lovers inundating a city that will be saturated with media from around the globe, now is the time to heed the call to rally and show the public Ron Paul and his followers are a viable force that is here to stay.

At the time of this post 9,320 tickets have been sold at the symbolic price of $17.76 - let’s keep the numbers rising.

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