Election Idol Season 3

Now who is John McCain going to pick?

The media circus continues.

As we approach the party conventions, all of America has their eyes on Obama/Biden and John McCain’s VP picks. The media cannot seem to stop talking about the choices and how the outcome will effect the election.


All the other contestants have been voted off. Hillary, Giuliani, Romney, and all the other strong contenders reflecting on who they think is going to win.

Last seasons veterans making a splash appearance - Kerry, Bush, Edwards.

Always process, never substance.

Two contenders called back to compete in the final round? Biden. Maybe Romney? Or a mystery contestant from Season 1? Lieberman?

Again this year it is all about the PROCESS - devoid of ANY substance. We have the VP picks now, but we look back and remember the expensive hair styles, pantsuits, moneybombs, debate exclusion, private jets, blownout campaign spending, drunken children, vacations, endorsements, ex-wives, adultery, racist husbands, lobbyist staff. The list goes forever.

What is Ron Paul known for in mainstream America?

Fundraising & maybe being the only person against the war in the Republican Primary. No talk of him being the only candidate who stressed the importance of the Economy before any other candidate. When they talk about the issues, it’s about how the person lines up with their party, or is a maverick.

Media coverage on Bob Barr?

He’s the spoiler, and ‘ruining’ John McCain. No talk of our privacy being invaded and the government overstepping its Constitutional limits.

The actual issues will never again be looked at by the ‘mainstream media’ until its as catastrophic as Hurricane Katrina, or Sanjaya getting voted off. It’s that moment where we do those great slowmo shots of the contestants faces as they hear the jarring news.

American’s are tuned in to cast their final vote in the Election Idol reality TV show.

For me, the emotional reaction to McCain is similar to the one I had for Sanjaya.

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