New York Times - Put a Real Conservative on Your Op-Ed page

Neo-conservative and Iraq war architect William Kristol has had a regular spot as a columnist in the New York Times op-ed page for a few months now. Announced in late 2007, it got alot of people on the Left angry. His latest column, “Will Russia Get Away With It?” suggests that he would like the US to put its resources into putting Russia in its place.

Each time I see Kristol’s name in the Times, I have to wonder why he’s there. If the New York Times noticed that it was becoming the journal of choice for members, then they could picked from numerous conservatives with ideas that are based on destruction. Here’s a short list:

Patrick J. Buchanan - MSNBC has made him a regular commentator, so Buchanan knows how to work in left-wing environments. Buchanan already writes regular columns, so it wouldn’t be hard. They could just republish those.

John Derbyshire - This National Review regular would fit in great next to David Brooks. He’s smart, secular and conservative. He mocks both Barack Obama and John McCain regularly on his brilliant podcast, and is a big opponent of our imperial overstretching.

Christopher Buckley - The son of National Review founder William F. Buckley, Christopher Buckley has written the novel Thank You For Smoking, which became a major motion picture. Buckley is witty, articulate and is not afraid to target all sides of the political spectrum.

Bob Barr - If offered a gig at the New York Times, it’s hard to see Barr refusing a great opportunity to promote his campaign and his message. He has written for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, so he has experience.

Ron Paul - Ron Paul, like Barr, would probably jump at a position in the New York Times, as it would help bring his message of liberty into the mainstream. Having had a run for the presidency that garnered a dedicated core of devotees and hit the top of the best sellers with his book Revolution: A Manifesto, there are certainly people that would listen.

Mark Steyn - While Mark Steyn may be closer to Kristol than others on this list, he is at least very humorous and knowlegable of alot more than talking points. His book America Alone was pretty good and he has shown great bravery as a free speech martyr in Canada.

Christopher Hitchens - While his political affiliation is in question, Hitchens tilts to the right. He’s likely one of the smartest public intellectuals out there today, and has credibility as a successful, prolific journalist.

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